Mobile for Development: Transforming Global Healthcare through Mobile Technology

by Vanessa Thevathasan, Agnes Gradzewicz and Sonja Ruetzel
Aid & International Development Forum, 2015

26 pp. 988 kB 001_resize

With the ascent of mobile technology and increased connectivity across the globe, the digital divide is slowly closing. As mHealth becomes better understood, accepted and integrated into public health systems, the advantage of personalised medicine and population health management will become more desirable, building greater momentum and investment in technological developments for health. The report shows that simplicity is the best approach. Introducing and expanding mHealth solutions to be sufficiently scalable to deliver on expectations and provide true benefits will ensure market demand is sufficiently met and safeguard the long-term sustainability of mobile health solutions. This report highlights the global scale of mHealth adoption, latest trends, economic impact and the increasing preference for remote monitoring with patients.

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