Out from the Shadows: Sexual Violence against Children with Disabilities

by Frances Ellery, Gerison Lansdowne and Corinna Csáky
Handicap International and Save the Children Fund, 2011

32 pp. 836 kB
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Children with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence. This report is based on evidence generated from a global literature review and first-hand research in four African countries: Burundi, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania (Zanzibar). This was a qualitative study conducted in 2010 by local researchers interviewing 89 adults with disabilities who had been abused as children, as well as 152 carers and professionals associated with their protection, including carers, lawyers, judges, police, social workers, teachers and members of disabled peoples’ organisations. The report presents a set of recommendations aimed at governments, donors and civil society organisations, communities, and children and young people.

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