The LANCET Series on stillbirths

Almost 2·6 million babies are stillborn worldwide every year. That’s roughly the Image 004_resizepopulation of Rome, wiped out. Yet we still don’t talk openly about stillbirth. Vulnerable girls and women are often left to suffer in silence. It only perpetuates the stigma when they have little to no information on the topic. More must be done to cut through the sociocultural, religious, and health barriers that inhibit open dialogue.

What can be done to rid ourselves of these taboos? We need to pave the way for more open dialogue around the subject. This dialogue begins at both policy, and community levels. All women must be given adequate health care from before conception to after birth. Women must be empowered to speak out about their rights, share their stories, and to speak out about stillbirth.

Learn what The Lancet is doing to fight back:

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