USAID’s Public-Private Partnerships: A Data Picture and Review of Business Engagement

by George M. Ingram, Anne E. Johnson, Helen Moser
The Brookings Institution, Global Economy & Development Working Paper 94, February 2016

98 pp. 1.9 MB
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The United States Agency for International Development has been engaging in public-private partnerships for more than 15 years, but understanding who the partners are, what the impacts are and the key trends of those partnerships has often been a challenge. In recent years USAID has improved its data collection and made public past PPP data that provides a look into how the agency engages with the private sector. This week the Brookings Institution, a think tank based in Washington, D.C., released a report that analyzes USAID PPPs between 2001 and 2014. The report was created to enrich the considerable discussion that USAID and the development community has devoted to PPPs in recent years by providing the key data points to dissect the nature of those partnerships.

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