Report: First Expert Consultation on Community-Based Social Innovations that Support Older People in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

14 – 15 July 2015, Kobe – Japan

by Paul Ong, Loïc Garçon and Alex Ross
World Health Organization, 2016

33 pp. 2.2 MB 009_resize

The community-based interventions studied here adopt for most of them innovative ways of caring for older adults. This approach responds to the definition of people-centered care. People-centered services should adopt the perspectives of individuals, families and communities, and see older adults as participants as well as beneficiaries of trusted health systems that respond to their needs and preferences in humane and holistic ways. Most of the community-based initiatives studied here are trying to move toward a holistic approach including multi-dimensional activities to meet the various health and social needs of older adults.

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