Development assistance for health: past trends, associations, and the future of international financial flows for health

cov200hby Joseph L Dieleman, Matthew T Schneider, Annie Haakenstad et al.
The Lancet – Published Online April 13, 2016

9 pp. 2.1 MB

Disbursements of development assistance for health (DAH) have risen substantially during the past several decades. More recently, the international community’s attention has turned to other international challenges, introducing uncertainty about the future of disbursements for DAH. Despite the fact that DAH is still growing, albeit minimally, DAH is shifting among the major health focus areas, with relatively little growth for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. These changes in the growth and focus of DAH will have critical effects on health services in some low-income countries. Coordination and collaboration between donors and domestic governments is more important than ever because they have a great opportunity and responsibility to ensure robust health systems and service provision for those most in need.

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