Health Systems Strengthening in German Development Cooperation

Desk Study

by Khullat Munir, Ilse Worm, Benjamin Thull et al.
The German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), 2016

72 pp. 1.7 MB
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Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) is gaining importance in development cooperation for health. HSS is a prominent issue on the global health agenda, and was one of the health priorities of the 2015 G7 summit. HSS is also one of three strategic directions of the German Development Cooperation (GDC) in its Sector Strategy for Health. As HSS is a broad topic encompassing a wide variety of definitions and approaches, this desk study aims to shed light on how the concept of HSS has evolved in the global health arena, and how it has been thus far evaluated in the international development community and the GDC.

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