Community-Based Conditional Cash Transfers in Tanzania: Results from a Randomized Trial

by David K. Evans, Stephanie Hausladen, Katrina Kosec et al.
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank, 2014

191 pp. 12.2 MB
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Given the success of conditional cash transfer programs elsewhere, in 2010 the Government of Tanzania launched a pilot conditional cash transfer program in three districts. The program used a model that relied on communities to target beneficiaries, monitor conditions, and deliver payments. The aim was to understand whether such a program could improve outcomes for the poor in the way more centrally administered conditional cash transfer programs have in other contexts. The authors show that, overall, households that received the conditional cash transfer program were focused on reducing risk and on improving their livelihoods rather than principally on increasing consumption. The project also had positive effects on community cohesion.

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