Assessing the Impact of Nepal’s 2015 Earthquake on Older People and Persons with Disabilities and How Gender and Ethnicity Factor into That Impact

by Dhruba Gautam, Madhusudan Gautam, Pratistha Koirala et al.
A Joint Initiative of HelpAge International, CBM International and NDRC Nepal, 2016

54 pp. 968 kB
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Older people and persons with disabilities are disproportionately affected by natural disasters. They are often being overlooked during preparedness and response work, both as service end-users and as active planners/responders. To analyse and document this situation CBM and HelpAge International funded research to identify barriers to inclusion and participation during the 2015 Nepal earthquake, to measure the extent to which the skills and knowledge of these people were utilised, and to provide recommendations for the future.

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