Patient Safety – Protect Yourself from Medical Errors

by Aniruddha Malpani, Dinesh Chindarkar, Helen Osborne et al.
HELP – Health Education Library for People, 2016

154 pp. 6.0 MB
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Medical errors can be a nightmare ­ both for patients, and for doctors. However, this is one of those topics which we prefer to sweep under the carpet, because it can be so emotionally charged. This book provides a holistic overview of medical errors from multiple perspectives. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and patients themselves all need to work together to promote patient safety. Starting with the basics as to why medical errors are still so common, this book highlights what needs to be done to keep patients safe. If you are a patient, please read it before you go to the doctor. If you are a doctor, please read it before you see your next patient!

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