Investing in the health workforce to increase access to and use of HIV and AIDS services in Uganda

by Wanda Jaskiewicz, Vincent Oketcho, Dykki Settle et al.
AIDS: 24 August 2016, Volume 30, Issue 13, pp. N21–N25

5 pp. 467 kB

Despite progress over the last decade, Uganda’s achievement of key health indicators, including for HIV and AIDS, remains unsatisfactory and continues to represent leading causes of morbidity and mortality. This field note describes selected interventions from a more comprehensive package of human resources management support provided to the Ministry of Health, to improve the utilization of data for evidence-based planning, deployment, and management of the health workforce. It also provides an example of how health workforce data can be analyzed alongside country-level HIV service statistics to ensure an adequate supply of human resources for health (HRH) where increased accessibility and scale-up of HIV services is needed to achieve 90–90–90 goals.

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