Health and Human Rights Journal Special Section: Tuberculosis and the Right to Health

by Brian Citro, Evan Lyon, Mihir Mankad et al.
Health and Human Rights Journal, June 21, 2016, Vol. 18 Nr. 1

This special section of Health and Human Rights Journal focuses much-needed attention on tuberculosis (TB) and human rights – particularly the right to health. Even as TB has surpassed HIV as the top infectious disease killer in the world and the global threat from multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) continues to grow, approaches to fighting the disease remain primarily biomedical and public health-based. These traditional approaches dominate global and national TB programs and research on the disease, and they largely ignore the underlying social, economic, and structural factors driving the epidemic and drug resistance. All the while, the highest TB burdens exist where vulnerability and marginalization increase the risk of infection and disease and erect barriers to accessing testing and treatment services.

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