Which health research gets used and why? An empirical analysis of 30 cases

by Maarten Olivier Kok, John Owusu Gyapong, Ivan Wolffers et al.
Health Research Policy and Systems, 2016 14:36 – Published: 17 May 2016

18 pp. 553 kB
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While health research is considered essential for improving health worldwide, it remains unclear how it is best organized to contribute to health. This study examined research that was part of a Ghanaian-Dutch research program that aimed to increase the likelihood that results would be used by funding research that focused on national research priorities and was led by local researchers. The study underlines the importance of supporting research that meets locally-expressed needs and that is led by people embedded in the contexts in which results can be used. Supporting the involvement of health sector professionals in the design, conduct and interpretation of research appears to be an especially worthwhile investment.

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