An approach to measuring and encouraging research translation and research impact

by Andrew Searles, Chris Doran, John Attia et al.
Health Research Policy and Systems, 2016 14:60 – Published: 9 August 2016

13 pp. 3.4 MB
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Research translation, particularly in the biomedical area, is often discussed but there are few methods that are routinely used to measure it or its impact. Of the impact measurement methods that are used, most aim to provide accountability – to measure and explain what was generated as a consequence of funding research. This case study reports on the development of a novel, conceptual framework that goes beyond measurement. The Framework To Assess the Impact from Translational health research, or FAIT, is a platform designed to prospectively measure and encourage research translation and research impact. A key assumption underpinning FAIT is that research translation is a prerequisite for research impact.

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