Can text messages increase safer sex behaviours in young people? Intervention development and pilot randomised controlled trial

by Caroline Free, Ona McCarthy, Rebecca S French et al.
Health Technology Assessment, Volume 20, Issue 57, July 2016

106 pp. 3.6 MB 002_resize

Younger people bear the heaviest burden of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Partner notification, condom use and STI testing can reduce infection but many young people lack the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to carry out these behaviours. Text messages can provide effective behavioural support. The acceptability and feasibility of a randomised controlled trial of safer sex support delivered by text message are not known. The authors conclude that their research shows that the intervention is acceptable and feasible to deliver. The pilot trial demonstrated that a main trial is feasible. It remains unclear which behaviour change techniques and elements of the intervention or follow-up procedures are associated with effectiveness.

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