Trends in the completeness of birth registration in Nigeria: 2002-2010

by Olusesan Makinde, Bolanle Olapeju, Osondu Ogbuoji et al.
Demographic Research, Vol. 35, Article 12, pp. 315−338 – Published 17 August 2016

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Nigeria is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which identifies birth registration as a child’s right. However, it is unclear how much progress has been made toward attaining universal birth registration in the country. The authors conclude that birth registration improved in 2011 over 2007 across Nigeria except in the North East region. However, much still needs to be done to achieve universal birth registration. Birth registration appears to still be influenced by the gender and age of the child. Designing and implementing a strategic communication program to educate the population about the processes and benefits of early birth registration may further improve birth registration.

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