Drug Resistance through the Back Door

How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Fuelling the Rise of Superbugs through Pollution in its Supply Chains

by Sascha Marchang and Natasha Hurley
European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), 2016

20 pp. 4.8 MB
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Irresponsible pharmaceutical companies fuel the proliferation of superbugs through supply chain pollution, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) reports. The advocacy group uncovered lapses such as dirty production and inadequate waste disposal in the production of antimicrobials in China and India, which supplies most of the antimicrobials consumed in Europe. In a briefing detailing the pollution, the EPHA urges major purchasers of antibiotics to blacklist irresponsible pharmaceutical companies, demand that the industry clean up its supply chain, introduce greater transparency on the origin of antibiotics, and review and revise procurement policies from an ethics perspective.

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