Mother, Daughter, Doctor: Medical Professionals and Mothers’ Decision Making About Female Genital Cutting in Egypt

by Sepideh Modrek and Maia Sieverding
Guttmacher Institute – International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 2016, 42(2), August 2016

26 pp. 634 kB

Although female genital cutting (FGC) is illegal in Egypt and rates are declining, medicalization of the practice has increased. However, little is known about why some mothers prefer that FGC be performed by medical professionals or the degree to which such professionals may influence decisions about the practice. Medical professionals were the main providers of FGC to study participants. Mothers wanted FGC performed by doctors to mitigate the perceived risks of the procedure. Since mothers appear to value their opinions, doctors could contribute to the abandonment of FGC if they consistently recommend against the practice. The ban on FGC is unlikely to be effective in the absence of broader social change.

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