Wait and consult times for primary healthcare services in central Mozambique: a time-motion study

by Bradley H. Wagenaar, Sarah Gimbel, Roxanne Hoek et al.
Glob Health Action 2016, 9: 31980 – Published 30 August 2016

10 pp. 404 kB
http://www.globalhealthaction.net/index.php/gha/article/download/31980/pdf_323Pic 001

The authors describe wait and consult times across public-sector clinics and identify health facility determinants of wait and consult times. The average outpatient consult in Central Mozambique lasts 5 min, following over 40 min of waiting, not including time to register at most clinics. Wait times for first antenatal visits are even longer at almost 1 h. Urgent investments in public-sector human resources for health alongside innovative operational research are needed to increase consult times, decrease wait times, and improve health system responsiveness.

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