Guatemalan school food environment: impact on schoolchildren’s risk of both undernutrition and overweight/obesity

by Elisa L. Pehlke, Paola Letona, Kristen Hurley et al.
Health Promot. Int. (2016) 31 (3): 542-550 – First published online: March 29, 2015

9 pp. 191 kB

Guatemala suffers the double burden of malnutrition with high rates of stunting alongside increasing childhood overweight/obesity. This study examines the school food environment (SFE) at low-income Guatemalan elementary schools and discusses its potential impact on undernutrition and overweight/obesity. Predominant concern for elementary schoolchildren remains focused on undernutrition. However, by the time children reach elementary school (ages 6–12+), food environments should encourage dietary behaviours to prevent childhood overweight/obesity.

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