The cost of post-abortion care in developing countries: a comparative analysis of four studies

by Michael Vlassoff, Susheela Singh and Tsuyoshi Onda
Health Policy Plan. (2016) 31 (8): 1020-1030 – First published online: April 4, 2016

11 pp. 184 kB

Over the last five years, comprehensive national surveys of the cost of post-abortion care (PAC) to national health systems have been undertaken in Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Colombia using a specially developed costing methodology – the Post-abortion Care Costing Methodology (PACCM). The objective of this study is to expand the research findings of these four studies, making use of their extensive datasets. These studies offer the most complete and consistent estimates of the cost of PAC to date, and comparing their findings not only provides generalizable implications for health policies and programs, but also allows an assessment of the PACCM methodology.

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