Evidence for action on antimicrobial resistance

The Wellcome Trust, 2016

18 pp. 3.1 MB

The spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens a return to the pre-antibiotic era of untreatable infections, while undoing many of modern medicine’s greatest advances. The World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan for Antimicrobial Resistance provides a framework for concerted international action to counter the threat of AMR, and attention is now focused on the development of national action plans. To support these efforts, in April 2016 the Wellcome Trust organised an international multidisciplinary summit bringing together policymakers and researchers from more than 30 countries to discuss the  evidence underpinning a range of AMR policy interventions. The summit concluded that, even if some evidence gaps remain, meaningful actions need to be taken immediately to counter AMR, with individual countries tailoring implementation according to their particular national circumstances.

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