Malaria and large dams in sub-Saharan Africa: future impacts in a changing climate

by Solomon Kibret, Jonathan Lautze, Matthew McCartney et al.
Malaria Journal, 2016 15:448 – Published: 5 September 2016

14 pp. 1.4 MB

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has embarked on a new era of dam building to improve food security and promote economic development. Nonetheless, the future impacts of dams on malaria transmission are poorly understood and seldom investigated in the context of climate and demographic change. In the absence of changes in other factors that affect transmission (e.g., socio-economic), the impact of dams on malaria in SSA will be significantly exacerbated by climate change and increases in population. Areas without malaria transmission at present, which will transition to regions of unstable transmission, may be worst affected. Modifying conventional water management frameworks to improve malaria control, holds the potential to mitigate some of this increase and should be more actively implemented.

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