Changing HIV treatment eligibility under health system constraints in sub-Saharan Africa: investment needs, population health gains, and cost-effectiveness

by Jan A.C. Hontelez, Angela Y. Chang, Osondu Ogbuoji et al.
AIDS: 24 September 2016 – Vol. 30 – Issue 15 – pp. 2341–2350

10 pp. 433 kB

The authors conclude that treatment eligibility at any CD4+ cell count would be cost-effective, even under health system constraints. Excessive loss-to-follow-up and mortality in patients not eligible for treatment can be avoided by changing guidelines in demand-side constrained systems. The financial obligation for sustaining the AIDS response in sub-Saharan Africa over the next 35 years is substantial and requires strong, long-term commitment of policy-makers and donors to continue to allocate substantial parts of their budgets.

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