An exploratory study on equity in funding allocation for essential medicines and health supplies in Uganda’s public sector

by Donna Kusemererwa, Anita Alban, Ocwa Thomas Obua et al.
BMC Health Serv Res. 2016; 16(1): 453 – Published online August 30, 2016

10 pp. 864 kB

To ascertain equity in financing for essential medicines and health supplies (EMHS) in Uganda, this paper explores the relationships among government funding allocations for EMHS, patient load, and medicines availability across facilities at different levels of care. The authors conclude that inequity in EMHS allocation is demonstrated by the wide range of funding allocations per patient and the corresponding disparities in medicines availability. They show that using patient load to calculate EMHS allocations has the potential to improve equity significantly. However, more research in this area is urgently needed.

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