Global Health and The Changing Contours of Human Life

by Ama de-Graft Aikins, Dan Wikler, Pascale Allotey et al.
International Party on Social Progress (IPSP), 2016

83 pp. 1.9 MB

The contours of human life – birth, childhood, maturity, reproduction, the experiences of health, illness, and disability, and death – have been and will remain nearly universal; but their duration and texture are undergoing great changes. In this chapter, the authors chart the transformations and make projections into the near future. Many of the trends are favourable: fewer children are dying, and many enjoy greater longevity. But these advances are not distributed uniformly among and within countries and regions. Furthermore, the value of longevity is compromised by an increasing number of people living with diminished health under inequitable systems of health and social care. A more just future can be achieved by a continuing emphasis on equity in global health systems even as human lives continue to be extended and enhanced.

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