A survey of knowledge-to-action pathways of aging policies and programs in the Arab region: the role of institutional arrangements

by Anthony Rizk, Nabil M. Kronfol, Suzanne Moffatt et al.
Implementation Science, 2015 10:170 – Published: 11 December 2015

9 pp. 1.2 MB

While population aging challenges Arab governments to ensure well-being in old age, knowledge translation is gaining support worldwide in evidence-based policymaking and service provision. There are two key messages from this study. Firstly, institutional arrangements play a central role in aging social and health policy and program development in the Arab region. Secondly, knowledge translation paradigms in Arab countries may be deficient in factors pertinent for promoting evidence-based decision-making and policy-relevant research. These findings call for the need of strengthening institutional arrangements on aging and for promoting knowledge production that meets policy-relevant priorities.

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