Healthcare providers on the frontlines: a qualitative investigation of the social and emotional impact of delivering health services during Sierra Leone’s Ebola epidemic

by Shannon A. McMahon, Lara S. Ho, Hannah Brown et al.
Health Policy Plan. (2016) 31 (9): 1232-1239 – First published online: June 8, 2016

8 pp. 199 kB

Although research on the epidemiology and ecology of Ebola has expanded since the 2014–15 outbreak in West Africa, less attention has been paid to the mental health implications and the psychosocial context of the disease for providers working in primary health facilities (rather than Ebola-specific treatment units). To mitigate psychiatric morbidities and maladaptive coping mechanisms – and to prevent the spread of Ebola – researchers and program planners must consider the psychosocial context of this disease and mechanisms to enhance psychological first aid to all health providers, including those in peripheral health settings.

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