Superbugs in the Supply Chain: How pollution from antibiotics factories in India and China is fuelling the global rise of drug-resistant infections

Changing Markets and Ecostorm, October 2016

48 pp. 38.5 MB(!)

The report by campaigning organization Changing Markets reveals for the first time  the presence of drug-resistant bacteria at pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in India. The report also casts light on the supply chain that links the factories investigated to companies, public health services and hospitals in the United States and Europe. On-the-ground research by investigative agency Ecostorm, and subsequent analysis of water samples found high levels of drug-resistant bacteria at sites in three Indian cities: Hyderabad, New Delhi and Chennai. Growing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which is a matter of particular concern in the case of antibiotics, is one of the gravest threats to human health.

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