Perceptions on diabetes care provision among health providers in rural Tanzania: a qualitative study

by Mary Mwangome, Eveline Geubbels, Paul Klatser et al.
Health Policy Plan. (2016) – First published online: October 22, 2016

12 pp. 326 kB

Diabetes prevalence in Tanzania was estimated at 9.1% in 2012 among adults aged 24–65 years – higher than the HIV prevalence in the general population at that time. Health systems in lower- and middle-income countries are not designed for chronic health care, yet the rising burden of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes demands chronic care services. The authors found that support for self-management to patients and their families was weak at all levels. The rural district they studied did not provide diabetes care close to the patients. Guidance on diabetes service provision and human resource management need strengthening and policies related to task-shifting need adjustment to improve quality of service provision for diabetes patients in rural settings.

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