Design and implementation of community engagement interventions towards healthcare quality improvement in Ghana: a methodological approach

by Robert Kaba Alhassan, Edward Nketiah-Amponsah and Daniel Kojo Arhinful
Health Economics Review, 2016 6:49 – Published: 26 October 2016

13 pp. 1.2 MB

Systematic Community Engagement (SCE) in healthcare quality assessment remains a grey area in many health systems in Africa, albeit the increasing importance in promoting universal access to quality basic healthcare services. The authors conclude that non-technical components of healthcare quality remain critical to clients and communities served by primary healthcare providers. The SCE concept is a potential innovative and complementary quality improvement strategy that could help enhance client experiences, trust and confidence in healthcare providers. SCE interventions are more cost effective, community-focused and could easily be scaled-up and sustained by local health authorities.

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