The TrialsTracker: Automated ongoing monitoring of failure to share clinical trial results by all major companies and research institutions

by Anna Powell-Smith and Ben Goldacre
F1000Research 2016, 5:2629 – First published: 03 November 2016, 5:2629

7 pp. 1.0 MB

Nearly half of clinical trials worldwide are never published, according to a new website run by academics at University of Oxford including the data transparency campaigner Dr Ben Goldacre. TrialsTracker found that 11,714 trials out of 25,927 – or 45% – registered in the 10 years to 2014 on, the world’s biggest catalogue of clinical trials, had not been published two years later. In total, an estimated 8.7 million patients had enrolled in the trials that had not seen the light of day. Scientists say the failure to publish medical data harms patients by skewing scientific understanding and preventing doctors from providing the best available treatments.

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