Towards Realising Access to Essential Medicines for All: A Vision for 2035

by Anna Roe Rasmussen, Kristine Husøy Onarheim, Rehan Adamjee et al.
The Lancet Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies, November 2016

73 pp. 6.4 MB

The Youth Commission on Essential Medicines Policies (YCEMP) has been given an opportunity to represent the voice of young professionals in health care concerned about improve access to essential medicines. The aim of this commission is to assess access and promotion policies for Essential Medicines worldwide through the lens of young health providers, researchers and advocates. Building on the analysis on primary and secondary data, they seek both to provide evidence based policy recommendations and raise the awareness of the relevance of Essential Medicines Policies. YCEMP aims to provide useable recommendations for better Essential Medicine Policies through a framework building on health equity, universal health coverage (UHC) and the human right to health.

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