Coverage of Sanitation Issues in India

by Nayeem Showkat
SAGE Open, October-December 2016: 1–6; Published 8 November 2016

6 pp. 538 kB

The article analyses the role played by the print media in creating awareness among the Indian public regarding the paramount sanitation issues. It is a well established fact that a good percentage of people in India still have no adequate means of disposing their waste. Poorly controlled waste also means daily exposure to an unpleasant environment. Despite the presence of grand public sanitation schemes, waste management remains to be one of the major problems faced by the people. Content analysis is proved to be instrumental in analyzing the content of the major Indian English dailies. This study used content analysis to unveil how much importance newspapers have been giving to sanitation problems and hygiene-related issues. The findings reveal that newspapers have given an utmost importance to the sanitation policies in India.

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