A Chlorfenapyr Mixture Net Interceptor® G2 Shows High Efficacy and Wash Durability against Resistant Mosquitoes in West Africa

by Raphael N’Guessan, Abibatou Odjo, Corine Ngufor et al.
PLoS ONE 11(11): e0165925 – Published: November 16, 2016

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Malaria control through use of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LN) is threatened by the selection of anopheline mosquitoes strongly resistant to pyrethroid insecticides. The efficacy of a novel mixture LN, Interceptor® G2, that combines the pyrrole chlorfenapyr and pyrethroid alpha-cypermethrin was evaluated under controlled household conditions (experimental hut trial) and by laboratory bioassay against pyrethroid resistant An. gambiae in Benin before and after standardized washing. The authors conclude that Interceptor® G2 LN demonstrates the potential to control transmission and provide community protection over the normal lifespan of long lasting nets where standard pyrethroid LN show signs of failing due to resistance.

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