Why World Toilet Day Is Not a Laughing Matter

by Kavita Desai
Global Daily, 19 November 2016

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World Toilet Day was proposed by Singapore, done in an effort to bring attention to the issues around sanitation and to the campaign Sanitation for All. Singapore may not be associated with sanitation challenges – but they do know about being small and having a big impact. When the UN adopted November 19th as World Toilet Day, Singapore said the following: “Small states like Singapore know that if you want to change the world today, instead of many years or decades later, you have to start small. You have to find a pivotal issue, like toilets, which by focusing all your attention and efforts on you can achieve many disproportionate and positive outcomes in terms of health, gender equality, economic prosperity and the personal dignity of millions of the poorest people. In this regard, we see toilets as the gateway to the broader challenge of sanitation in all its upstream and downstream aspects.”

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