Collecting and Reporting of Sex- and Age-Disaggregated Data on Adolescents at the Sub-National Level

by Chiho Suzuki, Tyler Porth, Priscilla Idele et al.
UNICEF, Data and Analytics Section, 2016

35 pp. 437 kB

This document guides countries through the process of collecting and reporting sub-national data on adolescents to inform programme planning and implementation efforts. This guidance has been developed with the specific aim of identifying data gaps for adolescents and informing immediate programme planning needs at the sub-national level. Specifically, where national systems are being adapted to integrate adolescent sex- and age-disaggregated data into routine monitoring, this guidance informs interim measures to fill data gaps to capture and report adolescent age and sex-disaggregated data. It is neither designed nor intended to replace existing national monitoring or global reporting mechanisms.

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