Heatwaves and health: Guidance on Warning-System Development

Editors G.R. McGregor, P. Bessemoulin, K. Ebi et al.
World Meteorological Organization and World Health Organization, 2015

114 pp, 2.8 MB

This guidance considers who is at risk from heat, outlines approaches to assessing heat stress, presents the science and methodologies associated with the development of Heat–Health Warning Systems (HHWSs), overviews heat-intervention strategies which are a necessary part of any truly integrated HHWSs, considers the problem of communicating heat risk and how to evaluate HHWSs and draws attention to the essential elements of summer heat plans within which HHWSs are nested. The purpose of the Guidance is to act as a catalyst for bringing together key players from climate, health, emergency-response agencies and decision-makers, as well as the general public, for initiating action concerning the overall management of heat as a hazard.

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