Get on the Fast-Track: The life-cycle approach to HIV

Finding solutions for everyone at every stage of life
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), November 2016

140 pp. 2.6 MB

The scope of HIV prevention and treatment options has never been wider than it is today. The world now has the scientific knowledge and experience to reach people with HIV options tailored to their lives in the communities in which they live. This life-cycle approach to HIV ensures that we find the best solutions for people throughout their lifetime. In this report, UNAIDS is announcing that 18.2 million people now have access to HIV treatment. The Fast-Track response is working. Increasing treatment coverage is reducing AIDS-related deaths among adults and children. But the life-cycle approach has to include more than just treatment. Tuberculosis, like cervical cancer, hepatitis C and other major causes of illness and death among people living with HIV, is not always detected in HIV services. It is vital that we collaborate closely with other health programmes to prevent unnecessary deaths.

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