Changes in the availability and affordability of subsidised artemisinin combination therapy in the private drug retail sector in rural Ghana: before and after the introduction of the AMFm subsidy

by Evelyn K. Ansah, Christopher JM Whitty, Constance Bart-Plange et al.
Int. Health (2016) 8 (6): 427-432 – First published online: October 15, 2016

6 pp. 226 kB

Most people with febrile illness are treated in the private drug retail sector. Ghana was among nine countries piloting the Global Fund Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria (AMFm). AMFm aimed to: increase artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) affordability; increase ACT availability; increase ACT use; and ‘crowd out’ artemisinin monotherapies. The authors conclude that initial gains in ACT availability were sustained, but not improved on 2.5 years after AMFm. Widespread availability of unproven herbal medicines is a concern; AMFm had little impact on this.

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