Raising the standard: the Multilateral Development Review 2016

Department for International Development (DFID), December 2016

48 pp. 2.0 MB

The U.K. Department for International Development (DFID) released its first Multilateral Aid Review (MAR) and Bilateral Development Review since 2011 after a year-long delay. The MAR issued some stinging critiques for organizations like UNESCO, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Caribbean Development Bank, but also chastised the multilateral development community as a whole for poor accountability, redundancy and, in the case of the U.N. system in particular, failure to play well together. DfID, which delivers about 40 percent of its aid through multilateral institutions, also outlined a new results-based payment strategy for its multilateral partners in which up to 30 percent of funding will be determined by performance and paid out only after a project demonstrates results.

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