ZIKA App – A great resource from the World Health Organization (WHO)

by Jane Chiodini
Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease (2016) 14, 539e540

2 pp. 790 kB

The World Health Organisation excel in their provision of information and never more so than with their ZIKA App which provides real-time information to all users. Available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese with other language versions also in the pipeline, the app can be used by both Android and iOS devices. Much of the content reflects that on the main website http://www.who.int/emergencies/zika-virus/en/ but the app is extremely responsive and easy to use even on a mobile phone. Information covered includes general information on the disease leading the reader to key facts, symptoms, transmission, diagnosis, prevention, Q&A’s and travel advice to list just a few of the features.

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