Health systems strengthening in German development cooperation: making the case for a comprehensive strategy

by Khullat Munir and Ilse Worm
Globalization and Health, 2016 12:81 – Published: 3 December 2016

8 pp. 937 kB

In the aftermath of the Ebola crisis and with renewed attention to resilient health systems, the process of improving approaches of global health actors to health systems strengthening is of great relevance. Despite the increased amount of attention paid to health systems strengthening, there is no standard definition of this concept among global health actors. Germany is no exception. Though there have been recent commitments to increase resources allocated to health systems strengthening (HSS), German Development Cooperation has no comprehensive strategy for its pursuit. This article sheds light on how HSS can be more clearly defined in German bilateral health cooperation, and makes a case for the adoption of a comprehensive HSS strategy.

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