Race trouble: experiences of Black medical specialist trainees in South Africa

by Nicola Thackwell, Leslie Swartz, Sipho Dlamini et al.
BMC International Health and Human Rights, 2016 16:31 – Published: 3 December 2016

6 pp. 391 kB

This research aimed to identify and explore the experiences of Black registrars in their training in the Western Cape’s academic hospitals in order to identify structures, practices, attitudes and ideologies that may promote or impede the advancement of Black doctors into specialist medicine. Four experiential themes emerged from the interview data, they included: 1) experiences of everyday racism during work hours, 2) the physical and psychological effects of tokenism and an increased need to perform, 3) institutional racism as a result of inconsistent and unclear methods of promotion and clinical competence building, and 4) an organisational culture that was experienced as having a race and gender bias.

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