Health Microinsurance: A Review of the Landscape & Determinants of Performance

by Carole Déglise
Report for the social enterprise Dreamlopments Ltd., July 2016

64 pp. 2.0 MB

Health microinsurances (HMI) have the potential to improve access to healthcare for vulnerable populations and to reduce health-related catastrophic expenditure. The HMI sector has been expanding over the past 10 years and has evolved from simple to complex products, and towards integration of technology and multi-partnership involving more the private sector. Yet, many HMIs still face challenges to reach sufficient scale and become sustainable on the long term. This independent review was commissioned by the social enterprise Dreamlopments as part of a feasibility assessment to develop a non-profit health microinsurance targeting migrants and underserved populations along the Thailand-Myanmar border. It aims at summarizing the scope and the determinants of performance of HMI and at highlighting key considerations for the targeted context.

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