A Guide to Sanitation Safety Planning in the Philippines: Step-By-Step Risk Management for Safe Reuse and Disposal of Wastewater, Greywater, and Excreta

by Stella Tansengco-Schapero, D. Jackson, J.A. Estiva et al.
Asian Development Bank, 2016

62 pp. 706 kB

This guide describes a six-step process for sanitation safety planning based on the experiences of two water service providers in the Philippines. Sanitation safety planning is a preventive risk management approach that identifies potential risks that may arise during the operation of a sanitation system, including waste collection, transportation and conveyance, treatment, disposal, and reuse. After the highest priority risks have been identified, an incremental improvement plan establishes control measures to ensure that no one in the sanitation chain is exposed to the hazards related to wastewater, greywater, and excreta.

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