Report on the status of major health risk factors for noncommunicable diseases: WHO African Region, 2015

by Abdikamal Alisalad, Regina Guthold, Melanie Cowan et al.
WHO African Region, 2016

88 pp. 710 kB

The report projects that noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) will be responsible for over 44 million deaths during the next decade, representing an increase of about 15% since 2010. Most of these deaths will occur in the WHO regions of Africa, South-East Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean. In the African Region alone, NCDs will cause around 3.9 million deaths by 2020. Most countries have conducted at least one STEPwise survey as a baseline from which to monitor the performance of future national NCD programmes. Member States must therefore invest in conducting STEPwise and global school-based health surveys once every 3–5 years in order to obtain accurate data on trends in the NCD pandemic in this Region.

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