A Review of 10 Years of Vasectomy Programming and Research in Low-Resource Settings

by Dominick Shattuck, Brian Perry, Catherine Packer et al.
Glob Health Sci Pract, December 23, 2016, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 647-660

14 pp. 335 kB

Vasectomy is a highly effective and safe contraceptive method for couples who want to stop childbearing, but only 2.4% of men around the world use this method. Reviewed areas included misconceptions and lack of knowledge among men, women, and providers; approaches to demand generation including community-based and mass media communications; service delivery innovations consisting of the no-scalpel vasectomy technique, whole-site training, cascade training, task shifting, and mobile outreach; and engagement of religious and community leaders to create an enabling environment.

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