Association between the Safe Delivery App and Quality of Care and Perinatal Survival in Ethiopia: A Randomized Clinical Trial

by Stine Lund, Ida Marie Boas, Tariku Bedesa et al.
JAMA Pediatr. – Published online June 20, 2016

8 pp. 358 kB

Health apps in low-income countries are emerging tools with the potential to improve quality of health care services, but few apps undergo rigorous scientific evaluation. They authors intended to determine the effects of the safe delivery app (SDA) on perinatal survival and on health care workers’ knowledge and skills in neonatal resuscitation. They conclude that The SDA was an effective method to improve and sustain the health care workers’ knowledge and skills in neonatal resuscitation as long as 12 months after introduction. Perinatal mortality was non significantly reduced after the intervention.

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