AIDS at 35: A midlife crisis

by David Wilson & Alan Whiteside
African Journal of AIDS Research, 15:4, iii-vi – Published online: 14 December 2016

5 pp. 448 kB

This year marks the 35th since AIDS was first identified and the epidemic faces a “mid-life” crisis. It seems to us it is time to take stock of both the successes we have met and the challenges we face. In this editorial we do this. Our credentials are that we are both social scientists from southern Africa – Swaziland and South Africa in the case of Whiteside, and Zimbabwe for Wilson – who have been engaged with the epidemic since the late 1980s. We warned of the potential devastation AIDS would wreak across Africa, but this went unheard. We watched with dismay as colleagues and friends sickened and died, and the political leaders initially ignored what was to come. In this editorial we look at the best of times – where things went well, and the worst of times – where the challenges lie.

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